#The World, Zauruum

Season of Arena takes players to a world called Zauruum. 1000 years ago in Zauruum, there existed 7 nations each ruled by a god. One of the nations, Avendus, worshipped the god of favor, and war, Ghahzuc. Ghahzuc spoke through his prophets, ordering the people to conquer world. After a hundred years of fighting and destruction, the army of Avendus stood victorious. At that time, it became forbidden to speak or scribe the names of nations and gods other than Ghahzuc and Avendus. Over time, those forgotten gods were only referred to as "The Old Gods".

When Avendus conquered the world, quarrels broke out between generals and officers as to who was the most worthy to rule. Again, Ghahzuc spoke through a prophet amidst the conflict. He declared that every decade, arena games should be held to determine the ruler; the Champion of Ghahzuc. The first Season of Arena began that same year, in the fall. Huge arenas were constructed and filled with all manor of horror, hazard, and combatant. The 1st ruler of the new world, Rogan the Great destroyed all his enemies, and was declared Champion of Ghazuc.

The culture in Zauruum is centered on the arena, and combat. Most citizens in the world are warriors of some kind or another, but have some skill in farming or building.

Favor of the people is the sharpest weapon in my arsenal.
--Rogan the Great, 1st Gladiator of Ghazuc


Throughout the millenium, some rulers have been graceful with their power, and some have been tyrants. The current ruler has been the latter, being one of the worst villains of all time. He crushes any that wince at him. Now, gladiators from every province train to win the throne. You must take to the arena, win the throne, and save the people from their cruel ruler.

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