Hi this is Jeron. Season of Arena is a turn-based, tactics-style RPG currently in the prototype stage. I started this project because I feel like there can always be more tactics RPG's out there!

The game is set in a world that is ruled by champions of the arena. Customize a team of pixelly gladiators by choosing their race, class, equipment, and perks. Level up alternate classes when enough experience has been gained to create completely unique warriors.
Send your gladiators into combat, and complete objectives like "wipe all enemies out", or "protect the character", while navigating hazardous terrain and opponents. If you are successful, you will obtain rewards like favor, sponsors, power, and riches.

Check out the storyline in more detail, or the mechanics here!

Currently, the game is in early development...

Latest Development

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    Introductions Hello! My name is Jeron, the author of Season of Arena. Most of my background is in Web development, but in the last year…
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